Your Body, Your Wellness, Our World (part 5)

Have you been keeping up with our wellness series, ‘Your Body, Your Wellness?’ Today we wrap it up and look even broader than how our own personal wellness supports just us and those in our immediate environment. Check out part 4 for more about the different spheres of wellness. Now we move to the third…

Fire Cider

Another great way to get the awesome medicinal benefits of garlic with the doubly amazing benefits of apple cider vinegar.

Your Body, Your Wellness, Our World (part 4)

After thinking about how in a community of dancers, last week, we could come together to create amazing ideas I got to wondering why we can’t experience this feeling in all areas of our life. Two weeks ago, ‘Your Body, Your Wellness’ was just the beginning of this, it is just Sphere 1. So can we…

Garlic Basil Pesto

Fresh plants in my pasta, always. This garlic basil pesto is excellent and a fun way to get all herbie in your diet.

The Garlic Protocol

So what is the best way to kick that cold with garlic. That would be the Garlic Protocol!