Your Body, Your Wellness, Our World (part 4)

After thinking about how in a community of dancers, last week, we could come together to create amazing ideas I got to wondering why we can’t experience this feeling in all areas of our life. Two weeks ago, ‘Your Body, Your Wellness’ was just the beginning of this, it is just Sphere 1. So can we go deeper with wellness?

So if paying attention to our own wellness is only Sphere 1, that is a lot of work we need to do. I have lots of things through my blog and website to help you on Sphere 1. So let’s move on to Sphere 2, our partnerships, our families, our close friends. If they were the most wellness focused people you had ever met, how would this impact you? How would your wellness impact them? We all know that when our friends say they want to go get fries and a milk shake we immediately want to as well. Now what if that was the same for going out for a salad, or going for a walk, or going to bed early? How would this change your relationships with your partner, friends, and family members? I know it changes mine.

When my partner moved in with me this past fall it made a huge difference in what we were eating, when we were sleeping, and how frequently I got out to dance and exercise. I noticed that I was eating more chips but I was finally getting enough salt in my normal meals so I was drinking more water and staying more hydrated. Great! He had to get up early so I was getting up earlier and going to bed earlier. This was great for feeling more rested and getting things done each day. Unfortunately, now I had someone living with me so I spent time with them and I did not need to go out to socialize. My socializing had been how I was also getting my exercise each week, going social dancing. This area of my life has suffered but I am now working hard to bring it back, as you can see from previous posts and my travels to dance.

Both positive and negatives come from our direct interactions in Sphere 2. It is up to us to have people in our lives that encourage us to do the things we want and avoid the things we dislike. It is much easier to fall into temptation when others around us are doing it too. It is much easier to live a healthy lifestyle when other’s around you are as well. This was a big thing for me when I first committed to being gluten free. I couldn’t go out to eat with the people I used to and I found new friend’s whose food choices lined up with my own more effectively. This way I was able to stick to my own food needs. I was still able to socialize with my other friends, just in new ways.

 It is not always easy to work with others in our immediate environment towards wellness but as different areas of wellness become more important to you it will be easier to find individuals with the same interests to work in community with. Check back next week for when we look at spheres 3 and 4.

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