The Country Doctor Museum

Take a brief tour of the country doctor museum in Bailey, North Carolina and then go there and explore it for yourself.

History of Herbal Medicine, part 5

Looking for a modern herb school seeped in tradition. Here are a few that have developed out of the ages following herbal traditions of 3-5 thousand years ago.

History of Herbal Medicine, part 4

There are herbalists that formed our modern day opinion of herbal medicine that are still around for us to learn from so we better do it now!

History of Herbal Medicine, part 3

The 1800s were a fabulous time for new herbal philosophies and schools to be started. These herbalists paved the way for modern medicine as a whole, not just herbal medicine.

History of Herbal Medicine, part 2

Greek herbalism was the transmission of the power of the Gods through plants to heal. Now we know morevabout how plants work but this idea still rings true for many.