Herbal Medicine 101:Fancy Words

Starting this series, learn what some of those fancy herbal words you hear mean. What is a salve? How about a liniment? What is a tincture?

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Zika really isn’t as scary as we are making it out to be. Check out what the NIH is saying about it and how you can prevent it from becoming a problem for you and your family.

Immune System Basics

What is the immune system and why does our bodies crazy immune system do these crazy things?

Calendula: infusing an oil (part 2)

Making an infused oil is very easy to do. You will need the following items. Herb material Olive Oil (or other oil) Ball Jar (2) High power blender or coffee grinder Funnel Muslin cloth (1ft square is good) for more accuracy in your preparation you may want Weight scale Graduated cylinder  Press Steps to making…