The Garlic Protocol

Have you been keeping up with your garlic this month? I hope so because here is the kicker: how to do the garlic protocol.

My first suggestion for anyone who is sick or thinks they have been exposed to a pathogen is to do the garlic protocol. This came to me from Simon Mills, a well known British Herbalist. You will need about one whole garlic bulb for this.

garlic-chopStarting around 5 pm in the evening or as soon as you are noticing you are feeling ill, peel and cut one clove of fresh garlic into 1/2 cm pieces. Coat the pieces with local honey and swallow them like pills. You will do this with the entire clove. Continue doing this with a fresh clove every half an hour until you cannot stomach anymore or you fall asleep for the evening, well covered to support producing a fever.

I usually get a stomach ache first and this is normal, the natural oils in garlic are strong and can cause discomfort with this quantity. This high level of garlic will promote your body to have a fever, killing off what ever is there in your body that is not meant to be there.

Cleaning out your body with a fever is not something adults have an easy time with and this Garlic Protocol will greatly help. Not only does the fever itself help clear the body but the garlic’s properties of being antimicrobial help as well. They addition of local honey is also key to the success of this. It will aid in your bodies recognition of what is friend and foe from your local environmental pollen.if-you-eat-garlic-and-honey-on-an-empthy-stomach-for-7-days-this-is-what-happens-to-your-body

You may experience a strong smell of garlic for a day or two after this from your own body and you may want to wash your bed sheets after sweating out your garlic fever. You will sweat and you will smell like garlic. This means that it is working and penetrating into your entire body.

I do not suggested for children, specifically ones who can sometimes have problems breaking fevers once they have been started.

Enjoy the garlic and be sure to check out our kitchen medicine class on our FREE herbal classes page.

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