Your Body, Your Wellness (part 2)

What do you know about your body? Are there things you do every day that are not serving you? How can you start to find out what?

Garlic, A Super Herb

Spend this month learning the awesomeness that is garlic and some amazing recipes to boot!

Lost Plant Medicines, part 2

Last week we started a conversation about herbal plant species that are going extinct and how important many of them are. This week I wanted to continue that and tell you a bit more about some of my favorite, endangered, and lesser known medicinal plant species. Butterfly Weed ‘It is supposed to act specifically on…

Herbs for Pain

There are some great herbs for pain but they work best for certain kinds of pain topically. Here are a few to get you started.

Lost Plant Medicines, part 1

Last weekend I was at a holistic center selling my herbal products and someone came to speak to me about white sage, Salvia apiana, and its use in ceremony. The first thing I brought up was that it was a plant that was one to watch around conservation efforts due to it’s high frequency of…


I love rhubarb! But not everyone knows what to do with it. Every spring people start to see it in farmers markets and grocery stores. I have been getting a small bunch every week in my CSA. I grew up with my grandfather having a large patch of rhubarb in his back yard and I…