Your Body, Your Wellness, Our World (part 5)

Have you been keeping up with our wellness series, ‘Your Body, Your Wellness?’ Today we wrap it up and look even broader than how our own personal wellness supports just us and those in our immediate environment. Check out part 4 for more about the different spheres of wellness.

csa-shareNow we move to the third sphere of wellness, where it is more complex. Think about the wellness of our whole community. Is that our town, our state, our country? How do your wellness choices effect other individuals in these different communities? Within my town, I know that my personal wellness choices affect others through the classes I teach as well as by supporting a CSA every year and purchasing organic and local foods when I can. I know that this helps keep money within my community and supports my friends with not only their finances but by encouraging other to do the same as each of these places grows and word of them spreads. In my state, and surrounding states, selling my herbal products and bringing my Wellness 101 workbook to others helps improve the wellness of these individuals and communities.

This is also where, unfortunately, politics starts to come into play. I have never been a person to be involved or even interested in politics but I am starting to see how I cannot stand back any longer. Locally, in Maryland, there are many individuals I know who are fighting for health freedom right now. If you are not familiar with this term, it refers to being allowed to see any kind of practitioner for your health care and still receive benefits. It also helps protect more alternative practitioners by keeping their services legal and unregulated so they can best practice without having to spend all of their hard earned money on certifications and paying fines for practicing.

While that is just one local thing there are many more ways that my actions effect and interact with my community. Sphere 4 is one I am a beginner at interacting with. I would love to be helping to encourage a reduction of fossil fuels to reduce worldwide pollution. All I can do is sign up for my own electric company to purchase my electricity from wind or solar power companies. Have you switched yet?

rainforestI can do more though, I can vote for politicians that agree with my stance on energy use, health care, and many other things. This changes out country and begins to effect Sphere 4, with how these politicians interact with other governments of the world. It is not impossible. We can help make the change we want to see in the world and it starts with finding what is important to us, how we want our world to be, embodying it, sharing it with others, and encouraging politician to do the same based on their views that we agree with getting them into office in the first place. The upcoming presidential election is already changing the country. There are candidates who are not supported by big name countries but just by people like you and me that just want to be the change we want in the world.

This is big! Without making this a political conversation, you can see that we can really all work together as a country, as a world to change it, to create a more well, safe, healthy world. There is so much threat about various species going extinct, continents literally disappearing because of changing temperatures, historical landmarks disappearing, beautiful forests being destroyed, all because of us as humans and our actions. We don’t think about these big things often because they scare us. Take some time and think about how you can save the rainforests, change stereotypes to keep individuals safe, save animals and people from our inevitable extinction if we keep on this track.

We can do it!!!!

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