A Beginner’s Guide to Wellness, part 2

If you do not yet know, we are soon going to be publishing our awesome workbook: A Beginner’s Guide to Wellness. Be sure to check out more information and join our newsletter for when sales are opened. We are spending a few weeks now giving you some samples of what is inside. Commonly, we don’t turn…

Syrups and Sweet Tinctures

Time for another week of making herbal products with The Dancing Herbalist. I love making syrups at home and I think this fall I may actually give them as gifts to my friends and family. Syrups are easy to make, fun to take, and oh ya, delicious. So what is a syrup? A syrup is…

A Beginner’s Guide to Wellness, part 1

I am so happy to announce that our workbook is now into its final phases of production for you to soon purchase and start working towards having better wellness for a moving world. Check out more information here. This book helps you get on board the wellness wagon and find what wellness practices work best…

What I do when I get sick

We all have our own little formula for getting healthy again. Hear what the herbalist has to say on the subject.

How to take Herbal Powders

Herbal powders are a great option for getting lots of herbs into you but it is hard to take them without coughing. Find some solutions here.

Tea: Infusion vs. Decoction

You have probably had tea before but did you know there are two totally different ways of making tea depending on what herbs you are using?

Destroying My Anger

I have been experiencing lots of anger and I am taking control to destroy it! You can too.