Essential Oils for Home Use

With all of the talk about using Essential Oils as medicine what should you be doing? More and more people are looking to use herbs as medicine and many are looking at using Essential Oils, highly concentrated extracts of the aromatic compounds of medicinal herbs. Last year the FDA started to crack down on Essential Oil…

The Country Doctor Museum

Take a brief tour of the country doctor museum in Bailey, North Carolina and then go there and explore it for yourself.

Herb of the Year: Cayenne

Learn a whole bunch of awesome things to do with Cayenne, the 2016 Herb of the Year on National Herb Day

A Meditation Story

I started a meditation practice. Here some of the things that worked for me and some that did not.

Everything You Need to Know About Arnica, part 1

Everyone has heard of arnica. If you enjoy natural medicine, wellness, or herbs you have heard of arnica. Maybe your doctor recommended it to you before surgery. Maybe a friend told you to take it when you got a bruise. You have probably heard of this herb. You also probably don’t know many, if any,…