Going Vegetarian, 4 weeks in

It has been a whole month now since I went vegetarian. I found some awesome meals and learned more about the nutrients I need to include in my diet.

I Am Afraid To Exercise

Getting into or returning to exercise is hard and I am worried. I don’t have a reason to be. Find out why.

History of Herbal Medicine, part 5

Looking for a modern herb school seeped in tradition. Here are a few that have developed out of the ages following herbal traditions of 3-5 thousand years ago.

Going Vegetarian, 2 weeks in

I have now been vegetarian for two weeks and there was only one day that I almost forgot. That sounds like a win to me. The largest challenge I have found so far with this is that it is near to impossible to be both vegetarian and gluten free if you are eating prepared foods….

History of Herbal Medicine, part 4

There are herbalists that formed our modern day opinion of herbal medicine that are still around for us to learn from so we better do it now!