Nootropics In Your Food, part 1

You may have heard a lot of talk about nootropic chemicals and how they can affect your body to give you a boost both mentally and physically. My question to you what is causing us to need this boost in the first place? As humans have evolved, wouldn’t we have evolved with these chemicals in our daily life to use them? Well, we did! Many of these chemicals are also available in foods and plants that our individual native cultures grew up eating and drinking. If you think back to what you already know about how you give your body the edge mentally and physically you should come up with a few things quickly. Coffee, proteins, and sugars are probably some of the first that came to your mind and these do have the effects individuals are often looking for. The next question then becomes how can you optimize your food intake to get the best nootropic effects.

After you have read 3 Nootropics Everyone Should Know About you have already had a brief introduction to two commonly used nootropics that are made from two B vitamins, choline and B-6. Choline is really the hard hitter here and it is essential to optimize the amount of choline your body has, regardless of your desire for its nootropic effects or not. Choline is part of the most common neurotransmitter in your body, acetylcholine, and as such is involved in a wide variety of pathways in the body. It also has a large impact on transportation of fat molecules in and out of cells, bringing nutrients and removing waste, supporting cellular metabolism and membrane fluidity [1].

Check back over the next two weeks as we look at a variety of different nootropic nutrients and food sources you can get them from. Don’t want to wait? Join our Patreon and read all 3 parts now.

Jillian Carnrick, founder and manager of The Dancing Herbalist, has a Masters of Science Degree in Herbal Medicine, practices as a nutritionist, and is a Certified Personal Trainer and Exercise Is Medicine Professional through the American College of Sports Medicine. The Dancing Herbalist posts on this blog every Thursday. For more of our posts, join us on Patreon. Jillian also presents regular live classes in The Dancing Herbalist’s home herbalist courses online for more learning opportunities or work one-on-one with Jillian with her wellness and herbal consultations.




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