Fun with Herbs n’Words

I came across a darling pamphlet last fall and it was filled with poems and other wordsmithing about herbs. I wanted to share a few with you and talk about what they mean. If you want to get the pamphlet visit or email Here are a few of my favorites that were in there.

Skin Ailment Assailment


Conditions of the skin may begin within
From fatty foods–(g)astronomical sin!
From foods that we eat that create body heat–
Like meat and wheat and far-too-sweet treats.

The fact of the matter (and the “why” of this chatter)
Is that what we INgest doesn’t always Digest
As well as it should, and so fouls the blood,
Thus breaking the skin from the shin to the chin!

calendula cream edit a

The herbs in this blend may help make amends
For showering your liver distain;
For they’ll un-mud the blood, do their job with a not
And deign to attain silky skin once again.

Calendula flow’r helps soothe itchy skin
And it’s anti-bacterial to boot–
Burdock’s for the liver, and cleaning the lympth–
The part that we use is the root.


And please do retain the tenacious Plantain
In the troops of your healing campaign;
For it takes out the zin
Of a bite, bruise, or sting
Or such tough conditions acute!

So when chemical drugs prove inefficacious,
Be sagacious in choosing these plants quite herbaceous;
That help bring a healing so gentle and gracious
with problems, vexations, epidermal, sebaceous.

Celestial Zest

The oils in this blend, are meant to attend to pricking your mind with fragrances kind, that feel so exhuberant, make your spirits ebullient and downright excite and ignite all your lights! Treat your face when you rise to help sparkle your eyes; or perhaps at mid-day as a perky nosegay..Do effervesce with the oil that’s the best-the quintessential CELESTIAL ZEST!!

Sleep, Gentle Sleep

Did you know that sleep has been used for zillions of years to restore and maintain health? (Duh!?!) Sleep is all-natural, non-addictive (for most people!), relaxing not taxing, helps your feisty Tex/Mex sex drive; makes you a better driver; helps abate a body ache; gives temporary relief from body odor, noisy motors in Minnesota (Tacoma; and Oklahoma) and many discomforts experienced during those sometimes-pesky hours when you have to be awake learning Life’s ‘lessons’ (Oooo, I hate that!).

So check into La La Land. Get a life – and get some sleep! Use it often. Take a nap! Take many naps!

Not manufactured by trillion dollar drug companies, but prescribed by every doctor on earth!!

AND, to help you find that elusive state of nocturnal bliss…this bombastic blend may help temper a trying tryst with restless stress. it may make anxiety ‘beat feet’ and let you meet deep sleep. Very relaxing when used in the day. Very restful when used at night. (And if THIS doesn’t work, you could always read ‘War and Peace’, memorize the Periodic Table, or call your mother in law… :o)

Flu Fly! Flu Flew. (who knew?!)

Boo boo- I hate the flu
I do not like to do the flu!
The flu & I are not good friends-
friends no we, the flu & me.
Flu go fly! you creepy flu…
(and all your nasty buggies too!)
Foo to you! be-gone-adieu!
Whew (at last) yahoo — flu flew
(Laughter is good medicine ! :o)

Joint Anoint

the bane of mainframe pain

warming salve edit a

When the joints are so sore
that you’re down on all fours;
or a tendon you tore,
or you’re sore to the core..
Pour this awesome oil o’re
for to help be restored;
just rub into the skin
from the toes to the chin;
and be thankful you’ve found
there are herbalists ’round-
to help with your ills
in ways other than pills!

Looking for herbal products that can help with these woes? Use the search bar below for pain, skin care, flu, and other challenges.

Jillian Carnrick, founder and manager of The Dancing Herbalist, has a Masters of Science Degree in Herbal Medicine, practices as a nutritionist, and is a Certified Personal Trainer and Exercise Is Medicine Professional through the American College of Sports Medicine. Join her for live classes and The Dancing Herbalist’s home herbalist courses online for more learning opportunities.

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