New Blog Schedule and Patron BONUS

Thank you all for following my blog so diligently over the past few years. I have been glad to offer you posts at least twice a week, sometimes three during our special events. To continue the growth The Dancing Herbalist, I am now shifting over to Patreon. There will continue to be blogs posted on this wordpress account but they will now be once a week. This is so that we can continue to grow the other areas of The Dancing Herbalist.

But where are all of the posts I write each week going? I will still be writing the same but now to get the additional posts you will need to be a patron and support The Dancing Herbalist on Patreon. This is also a great opportunity for you if you already follow our blog on wordpress because on Patreon you can also get our wordpress posts early!

NettlesThese blogs are going to be bigger and more detailed than the ones we currently post so you get some of the best information out there on beginner herbal medicine and wellness practices. Our first post that will be for patrons only will be on making medicinal strength herbal ice cubes: a whole unexplored herbal preparation. To get access to these blogs on Patreon you only need to be a Nutritious Nettle supporter.

It has always been a priority of mine to only offer herbal dosages and formulas to my followers when there is a transfer of money. I have felt that this way I have a stronger bond with them and they are more conscious of the value of the materials they are receiving. As such, all patrons should expect herbal formulas that we do not normally share in their patron only posts. This information can be invaluable and make your home herbal manufacturing significantly easier.

Our Patreon has 5 different support tiers to help you get the most out of your experience with The Dancing Herbalist. Support our clinic as a Magnificant Menta, our classes as a Conscious Student, our herbal products as a Turmeric Thyme patron, or all of these areas and our advanced research as a Passionate Poison patron.

MintConscious StudentTurmeric ThymeArnica

I am hopeful that through this program we can more successfully support all of our followers by providing higher quality posts, consultations, classes, products, and more. Please feel free to come over to our discussion group if you have any questions about our shift or signing up for Patreon.

And to thank all of our patrons who join in the first month of us on Patreon, I am offering a free initial consultation to all new patrons in February 2018. Come and join us now to help create wellness for a moving world! –Jillian

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