Arthritis and Herbs

Arthritis, yea it hurts and boy does it take a lot of work to get rid of it or reverse the progression. What?! You didn’t know you can do that? Unfortunately, not everyone can but if you start at the first signs of arthritis it is a simple path back to healthy joints.

Arthritis is generally a slow break down of the cartilage that surrounds the different joints of our bodies. There is often an inflammatory component to this and sometimes even an autoimmune component. While these make caring for arthritis more challenging it is still possible.

Make sure you are following your wellness practices

  1. green-leafy-vegetablesEat lots of antioxidants to reduce your inflammatory load
  2. Eat less inflammatory foods like rancid oils and high levels of meat and carbohydrates
  3. Encouraging yourself to be more hydrated.
  4. Get more movement!
  5. Have a regular sleep schedule.
  6. Reduce your stress load.

If you are not practicing your daily wellness techniques you will not be able to reverse and keep away arthritis symptoms. These practices are what keep us healthy. If we are not doing them we are damaging our bodies.

At this point you have a choice to make: Put in the work or stay damaged.

If you are committed to incorporating your wellness practices into your life herbs can speed up the process. There are a lot of anti-inflammatory herbs out there that can be supportive for daily use to reduce your inflammatory load. This will be helpful to start immediately because there is one important thing to remember…there is only one way to get your body to start to heal the damage from arthritis: getting movement in that joint.

Your body knows what to do when it get’s damaged. It tries to heal. That is what your body has been trying to do by being inflamed but your body has hit a wall. By causing specific irritation from movement in the joint your body again gets the signals to begin repair. With consistent irritation from exercise your body will continue to repair the damage to the joint cartilage.

calendula1-1Most herbs cannot work on cartillage and support this healing. Calendula is one that may offer support. A 2015 study on calendula found it was effective at healing Achilles tendon tears with topical use. Most herbs cannot access tendons due to the low blood supply of tendons. The cartilage of tendons is similar to our joint capsules which may also be supported by calendula. For the best benefits of calendula, be sure to use a cream that contains both oil and alcohol extracts of calendula. Another great option to be considering consistently is tumeric. Be sure to work with a practitioner to determine what doses are best for your needs.

396074Where herbs can really shine for supporting arthritis remission is providing pain relief so you can feel more comfortable getting the movement back in your damaged joint. One of the most common of these herbs is cayenne. Both cayenne and ginger have a unique action on the pain mechanisms of the body. While most topical pain relievers like Icy Hot and Bengay ‘cover up’ the pain signal, cayenne and ginger are both known to get rid of Substance P, a molecule that sends the pain signal from where it hurts to the brain. When you have a high enough dosage of cayenne and ginger topically your brain never gets the signal that there is pain in the first place, helping you overcome this hurdle to getting more movement in the joint.

616pf1otgwl-_sy355_Guess what! When you get more movement in a joint that joint produces more lubricating fluid which helps it hurt even less!!!! The Warming Salve that is offered by The Dancing Herbalist is an excellent topical option for using cayenne and ginger at a high topical dosage. Most individuals notice relief in 10-15 minutes that lasts 4-8 hours for the normal person and even longer if movement is gotten in that time period. Use code WS35 for 35% off our Warming Salve to start your pain relief today. (only 5 available!)

Thank you for joining us for this part of our Customer Appreciation Month. I hope you will continue to enjoy our other special posts for November as well as our free classes for the month.

Jillian Carnrick, founder and manager of The Dancing Herbalist, has a Masters of Science Degree in Herbal Medicine, practices as a nutritionist, and is a Certified Personal Trainer and Exercise Is Medicine Professional through the American College of Sports Medicine. Join her for live classes and The Dancing Herbalist’s home herbalist courses online for more learning opportunities.

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