Customer Appreciation Month!!!

I have so many exciting thing to tell you about today for our entire exciting Customer Appreciation Month November 2017. This year we have even more exciting opportunities for you to get free herbal information, take classes, enjoy The Dancing Herbalist’s products, and get reduced priced consultations with our professional herbalists. Use this blog to link yourself to all of the amazing offerings we have this month.

If you are not yet signed up for our monthly wellness newsletter you should do that first. This month we also have a special newsletter for our preferred customers. Be sure to sign up for both to get updates each week this month on the extra specials and discounts we have available-including our Black Friday Sales!

November Blog Schedule

Our blog this month will focus on some super tasty things: CHOCOLATES!!! On November 3rd, our chocolate blogger, Max, will be teaching you about home chocolate making. She returns on November 25th to tell you about what makes chocolate good for you and again on November 30 to talk about sugar in chocolate.

We also have Jillian and Betsy, our professional herbalists talking to you about adding herbs to your chocolates. Check out Betsy’s blog on aphrodisiac herbs in chocolate on November 16th and Jillian’s blog using cayenne, cinnamon, and reshi in your chocolates on November 9th, infusing herbs for chocolate making on November 11th, and herbal truffle making on November 23rd. Don’t worry about the sugar in chocolate too much. Betsy will lead a blog to support your sugar reduction on November 28th.

Jillian will also be bringing you many other herbs to learn about in our blog this month with medicinal mushrooms on November 7th, first aid herbs on November 14th, herbs for arthritis on November 18th, and herbs for stress support on November 21st.

November Class Schedule

We have a huge free class for you this month with Jillian and Betsy teaching online through Learn It Live. If you are not yet following The Dancing Herbalist, sign up and register for Herbal Medicine for the New Enthusiast today.

Herbal Medicine for the New Enthusiast has 8 sessions! All FREE!!!

  • Thursday, November 2nd Herbal Infusions and Plantain with Jillian
  • Tuesday, November 7th Herbal Decoctions and Ginger with Jillian
  • Thursday, November 9th Herbal Powders and Burdock with Betsy
  • Tuesday, November 14th Herbal Vinegars and Stinging Nettles with Jillian
  • Thursday, November 16th Herbal Tinctures and Dandelion with Betsy
  • Tuesday, November 21st Herbal Syrups and Elderberry with Betsy
  • Tuesday, November 28th Herbal Honeys and Rose with Betsy
  • Thursday, November 30th Herbal Infused Oils and Calendula with Jillian

Each of these classes is 45-60 minutes long and are the most intensive versions of these classes we have taught. This program is an excellent way to start exploring and using herbs for yourself immediately. Attend live at 7pm each day or watch the recordings later. Either way, get yourself registered now so you get an e-mail before each session reminding you to attend.

We also have three classes we will be teaching in our local region which you can find in our newsletter and on our Facebook page in Maryland and West Virginia.

Holiday Herbs: The Medicine and Tradition

November 11th 10-12am at the Common Market in Frederick, MD

Jillian and Betsy will be hosting this class at the Common Market and going through a variety of herbs and foods that we enjoy during the holiday season. We will be making a delicious herbal cranberry sauce, holiday herbal satchels, and blending a holiday inspired black herbal tea.

Fire Medicine

November 29th 6:30-8pm at Tonic Herb Shop in Shepherdstown, WV

Get yourself warmed up for the winter with fire medicine. Learn about the various herbs that can be used in making fire cider, make it yourself as well as a lovely ginger syrup to spice up your holiday treats. Get this amazing immune supporting and stimulating medicine in your supply for the hibernation months ahead. Sign up by calling or visiting Tonic Herb Shop.

Holiday Tea Party

December 6th 6-8pm at the Common Market in Frederick, MD

If you want to enjoy the medicinal benefits of Camillia sinensis, tea, and all of our wonderful herbal chocolates from November this is the class to come and join. Sign up now through the Common Market’s website. We expect to host this class at Tonic in February.

I hope you will all take advantage of these excellent opportunities this month. If you have any questions on the programming for the month please feel to ask in the comments below.

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