That Skin Rash, part 3

And then one year my skin just cleared up. I had no clue why. I was eating more local and organic food consistently. No gluten, no artificial flavors or colors. A meal plan high in fruits and vegetables. I didn’t know what I had done but I was thankful.

That fall I was traveling to dance and I had some watermelon. Uh oh! Within hours my rash was back and it was painful. It lasted for about a month and then disappeared again. Was it the melon? I traveled again and had access to melon at a buffet and tried just a single piece. Yup! My skin rash came back quickly again while sitting at breakfast.

1140-fun-facts-melons-promo-imgcache-rev3b1fc557e654fdf439ae1ee168119030That was the last time that I had my skin rash. Since then I have chosen to stay away from both melon and watermelon. Now the avid reader will realize that these plants are not related to each other. I have not yet had the will to try each and figure out which I am really allergic to that was causing my rashes in the first place.

I truly believe that if I had not also been working to improve the quality of my liver and the rest of my diet that I would ever have been able to figure out what was causing my skin rashes. It was the combination of improving all of my different wellness inputs (food, diet, sleep, exercise, ect) that I was able to finally figure out what was going on. With out doing all of the different practices I probably would still have been in a state of constant inflammation and even if I had thought it was melon I wouldn’t have noticed a change in my skin just because of all of the other toxic exposures I had in my food and environment.

Now it is not going to be melon for everyone. I do believe that most skin rashes that are lingering are related to a food sensitivity of some sort. Working directly with a Carnricknutritionist and herbalist you can help target this and make the choice to keep your offending foods out of you life and move on with out skin challenges. Isn’t that what we all want!

Jillian Carnrick, founder and manager of The Dancing Herbalist, has a Masters of Science Degree in Herbal Medicine, practices as a nutritionist, and is a Certified Personal Trainer and Exercise Is Medicine Professional through the American College of Sports Medicine. Join her for live classes and The Dancing Herbalist’s home herbalist courses online for more learning opportunities.

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