Getting Rid of the Morning Grog

I have been waking up so much lately feeling groggy and unable to function because of it. When I was out in Colorado a few weeks back I finally figured out why. Dehydration!!!

When out in Colorado I also had to deal with the elevation so I thought that was an gettyimages-182145531-58ea4b3a3df78c5162f9ee6badditive factor. After two days of driving to get there I was quite dehydrated and so I focused on that and after two days of intense hydration I was feeling myself again when I woke up in the morning and I had a blast for the rest of my trip. This past week I went dancing on Sunday night and woke up feeling groggy again on Monday. Well, looks like it wasn’t just the altitude. I immediately started hydrating.

You may have woken up with a hangover at some point and felt a similar kind of grog. A portion of this feeling is also attributed to dehydration. How can we make sure that when we are traveling, partying, and dancing the night away that we are staying hydrated?

  1. Every time you have a drink that is not water, follow it with a glass of water.
  2. When exercising, drink 1/2 to 1 cup of water every half an hour minimally.
  3. When flying and driving long distances, be sure to have a bottle filled and ready to drink.
  4. Remind your companions to drink water with you so everyone can stay hydrated.
  5. If flying, aim to drink twice your normal amount of water because planes can be very dehydrating.
  6. If you are worried about becoming dehydrated be sure to eat some salt. This will help you absorb more water.
  7. Drink room temperature water. Your body will be able to absorb it more effectively and it will not require as much metabolic energy for your body to do so.

gettyimages-79151468Even knowing all of these things it can still be a challenge to stay hydrated. Like most methods of self mastery, this take practice over time. While I still have not mastered my hydration techniques I am always learning and exploring new methods to see what works best for myself. In the comments below, let me me know what techniques you are practicing when it comes to maintaining hydration. What is working and what is not?

Jillian Carnrick, founder and manager of The Dancing Herbalist, has a Masters of Science Degree in Herbal Medicine, practices as a nutritionist, and is a Certified Personal Trainer and Exercise Is Medicine Professional through the American College of Sports Medicine. Join her for live classes and The Dancing Herbalist’s home herbalist courses online for more learning opportunities.

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