Plant Spirit Medicine Intro

Learning about plant spirit medicine is a healing and learning practice on its own. I have minimal experience at this time but I have been so fascinated with this I wanted to share it with you.

Last May I guided a class on their first experiences with Plant Spirit Medicine. This is a personal experience to explore a connection with plants that we often forget about. Every individual develops their own relationships with plants and it is through this relationship that you build a stronger bond with your environment and how to stay healthy using the plants.

There are a variety of steps you can take to start to develop your own relationship with a plant and in the class I will be guiding we will be working with one plant to start to develop this relationship. Every individual with learn different things from a plant and each plant will want different things from them in return. Developing a strong relationship with a plant will not happen in an hour or even a day. It takes many days of intentional interaction focusing only on the plant to fully understand it.

My first Plant Spirit Medicine experience was very enlightening. After relaxing my body and spending some alone time with a plant I moved onto one of the middle steps in the process of developing a relationship with the plant. I asked the plant ‘who are you.’ Using my non-dominant hand with my eyes closed I began drawing the answer the plant told me.

5457121-smptI had chosen a small plant, growing no more than a foot tall with a few oval leaves every so often. It was on the edge of a stand of shrubs where I sat with the plant for the first stages of this development before returning inside with a leaf to begin drawing.

After 15 minutes or so of adding layers to this drawing I had an interesting experience. I needed more paper. The plant told me I needed more paper. The drawing started expanding off of the page and onto my folder. Bigger. More paper! BIGGER! The plant was screaming at me to allow it to show itself larger and larger than I was allowing it.

I still had not opened my eyes to see what I was drawing and I forced the plant to stop getting larger on my paper and put my crayons down saying ‘no more.’ I opened my eyes and was shocked! With no intention on the outcome, I had drawn the entire shrubby area I had been sitting under. Going back to the area, I discovered that the shrubs were actually an invasive vine growing over everything in the area. The small plant I had chosen was just a baby of the vine I had ignored.

This was an amazing experience mostly because I really had not noticed that I was meditating on a younger plant of a much larger invasive plant. It really expressed to me that it was invasive, wanting to just keep growing, take over everything, wanting more and more space to expand. While not everyone’s first experience with this kind of communication with plants will be quite so obvious this definitely made me want to learn more and start exploring other plants.

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  1. That’s an amazing experience! I am also just starting to communicate with plants. I haven’t yet experienced anything like that (which I cant wait!), but in general I’m really getting a lot of strong energies from them.


  2. MoonLovesMountain, this kind of connection to a plant comes from the holding, the touching, the thinking, the meditating. While I am a book person, this is a whole different way to interact with a plant. My initial meditation with this plant was about 1.5 hours and the drawing a second hour. Generally, a beginner’s experience with a single plant through this method will be 25+ hours with the plant in this kind of way. Even after that, many plants are not to be used medicinally even if you have built this kind of connection.

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