Staying Hydrated: Techniques to Remember

All the time… yes we should all be remembering to drink water all the time but with our busy lives it is hard to remember. When sitting at the computer all day writing for you all, putting together classes, and making herbal products I forget so often. I wanted to share some of my favorite techniques to remember to stay hydrated. Be sure to comment below some of your favorites.

  • Have a fancy glass/bottle

42975e4ffbe9bd1e1930cbaecfd3ec4aThis may be the most simple and effective way of encouraging yourself to stay hydrated. When I first started paying attention to my hydration levels I needed to always have a bottle with me. Knowing it was one that I enjoyed drinking out of because it was unique made the experience easier for me. You know that fancy martini glass you got on that trip? Take it out and use it for water! Make it fun and enjoyable. This is not work. It is just drinking some water.

  • Drink a full glass when you wake up and a full glass when you go to bed

While we are sleeping our body is spending the time repairing and restoring our tissues so we can best function through the day. Not only do we need to eat healthy foods during the day so we have the nutrients needed for this but we also need water. Most cellular processes to heal and strengthen our bodies require water in some form. Usually we are not waking up every 2-3 hours to drink a glass of water so it is best to drink a large glass before bed and another when waking up to replenish the extra water you used while sleeping. Some people are often worried this will increase their night time urination. Play around with it and see what works best for you.

  • Every time you urinate, drink a cup of waterclock-water-mean-time-limited-58979906

This is an interesting technique and I don’t often use it but sometimes it is perfect, especially when I am feeling dehydrated. Generally a glass of water is more than we urinate out so over the course of a day using this technique can increase the amount of water we are storing in our bodies. I also notice that this really increases my urination time, even after just a few hours of doing this. For myself, this is a reminder that urination is intended to happen frequently and we should not be trying to prevent it. Be sure to pay attention to the color of your urine to know when you are again hydrated so you do not over hydrate and start losing nutrients. Aim for a very pale yellow.

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