Flavored Waters

A lot of times in stores we will see vitamin waters and other flavored waters. These can be alright but look at the labels. A lot of times these will also be high in sugars and other things your body may be sensitive to. That is alright. You can make your own flavored waters at home for a fraction of the price. Take some fruits, herbs, or vegetables if you’d like, and cut them into slices, put into a jar and add water to fill the jar. This is great for kids because they love to see the colors of the fruits in their jars and is great in the summer. If you search online for ‘homemade fruit water’ you get a lot of great recipe ideas for this. Here are a few of my favorites:

For all of these recipes, slice the food, cover with ice, and pour water over the food and ice. Add straw and enjoy! You can also pour hot water over if you want a fruit tea. You can always add more water after you have drunk what is in your jar to re-use the fruits.


1 orange, 1 lime, and one lemon and put them into 2-4 quart size jars.

Lime mint

1-2 limes and 3 fresh mint leaves for 1 quart jar.

Raspberry Lime

1 lime and 1/2c raspberries for 1 quart jar.

Orange Carrot

Slice one orange and grate 1 large carrot for 2 quart jars.

Other fruits and vegetables that go well in these infused waters are cucumber, strawberries, melons, as well as herbs like lemon balm, basil, and a small touch of lavender flowers. Watermelon can even be popped in the blender and made into ice cubes in the freezer to drop in water by themselves. This also works well when you are out to dinner and are trying to have more water. Usually restaurants will offer you lemon for your water. Go for it, ask for more lemon if you would like to make it even stronger in your water. With trying these transitional beverages you will be on your way in no time to having more water in your daily life. And remember, no need to add any sugar. These fruits bring it all with them.

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