The Healing Powers Hidden In Your Kitchen

Many years ago I started exploring what my kitchen had to offer for medicine. It is not just the herbs on my spice rack either. Fruits, vegetables, meats, and just about anything you eat can be used as medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine does an excellent job of bringing the medicine of your kitchen right into your mouth with their diets focused on unprocessed grains, small consistent amounts of meat and beans, cooked vegetables, and minimal amounts of fruits. While each meal can be a treatment, now is an excellent time to explore our Kitchen Medicine class which focuses on items in your kitchen that can be supportive for the cold and flu season.whole-grains

Unprocessed grains, no flours, breads, pastas, or even some oatmeals, work wonders for balancing our energy levels through the day. Not only do whole grains encourage strengthening of the digestive fire, they also are able to bulk up the stool for easier bowel movements. When thoroughly soaked before cooking, for 24-48 hours, grains that are then cooked for 12-24 hours can offer high levels of protein. They also offer excellent carbohydrate/sugars that we need to keep our energy levels stable rather than rising and lowering through the day.

beans-696x0_q80_crop-smartWhile beans can offer much the same benefits as grains they are even higher in protein when properly soaked for 48 hours and then cooked for 24 hours in a slow cooker. This long amount of time for soaking and cooking ensures that the plant cells are able to break down and the protein can actually be digested and absorbed into the body. This process is especially important for vegetarians.

Proteins are needed by our body to heal and strengthen our tissues. You have probably all seen the vegetarian who does not get enough protein. They are thin and fragile looking. Maybe their skin looks fragile. Making sure you have enough protein in your diet can ensure that your body is able to heal properly and grow new tissues including our digestive lining which is commonly damaged when we eat irritative foods including just about everything processed.

6_types-of-meatsWhile most of the United States eats the SAD diet (Standard American Diet), which is high in protein, most of these proteins are riddled with hormones and antibiotics that radically change how our bodies work. Removing these products can also make a significant impact on your health as they can lead to inflammation, irritation, digestive problems including constipation, and more. Every food in your kitchen has a healing potential but they all have a detrimental side as well.

For more help in determining what foods will support your health challenges consider a consultation with Jillian Carnrick at The Dancing Herbalist and join our Facebook Group for weekly free discussions where you can win discounts on many products and consultations.

Herb Fest 2017 is just around the corner. We will be presenting a full class on The Hidden Powers Hidden In Your Kitchen at our celebration. Register today to save your space in this class as space is limited. Herb Fest is a free event in Frederick, MD on May 13th to celebrate National Herb Day.




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