Lifting Up A Friend

It is so hard to get exercising. Why not try it with a friend?

When you are starting to change any behavior it is always best to have someone reliable to encourage you. Whether this is a partner or a friend, someone who can send you reminders or even go for walks with you can be a great help. What are some ways you and your friends can support each other in getting more exercise.

  1. bowling_launch_specialWhen heading out for an evening, consider doing something that is physically active rather than sitting. While going to the movies is lovely, so are pub quizzes and game nights, consider doing something different like bowling, miniature golf, or dancing. Activities that get you standing up and doing a bit more movement can be a great way to still socialize and get in a bit more physical activity.
  2. I often recommend for friends who talk more frequently to let their friends know when they do their wellness practice. ‘Hey Sarah, I am going for a walk right now. When are you heading out?’ ‘Thanks Jillian, I am going to finish up this project and then go for mine.’ This simple reminder and encouragement to also do a wellness practice can be supportive for some. I also recommend this practice for when you are drinking water.
  3. Take exercise classes together. If you are already skilledmaxresdefault1 in one kind of exercise I think it is great to take a new class with a friend in a kind of exercise neither of you are skilled in. This is ideal to help encourage both of you to start from the beginning and will not discourage one of you if you are not quite as good. For women, pole drop-and-landdancing makes a super interesting and fun night out with exercise. Men, you may enjoy some of that parkour (women too) to explore some fun new interesting movements. Always start slow with classes. Yes, take a beginner class.

When you inevitably slow down and reduce your exercise when it becomes second nature, how do you step it up again?

fitbit-social-friends-competitionThis is where having a rewards system is ideal. See if you can have a competition with your friends. Competition can be healthy if you are both working towards the same goal. You may want to reward yourself for losing weight but I do not recommend this as a goal. With wellness practices it is all about creating a new lifestyle, not a quick fix. Set a goal like exercising for 3h total a week. I have a fit bit and on there I can have friends where we can track and encourage each other right through the app. We can even set up competitions for distance, steps, and minutes of exercise. All of these are excellent methods to help you get more movement in your life.

If you are looking for more personalized support with wellness and getting a exercise program that fits your life, consider a consultation with Jillian Carnrick or start with our book: A Beginner’s Guide to Wellness for support with movement, sleep, hydration, food, and more.

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