Daiya Review

image2I don’t normally write product reviews but I thought it was time that I do so. I am always on the hunt for new gluten free products and when I stumbled across this new product from Daiya I was ecstatic!

Daiya, for those of you who do not know, is a dairy free brand. While I am not specifically dairy free I am always looking for products that can help support my clients in removing dairy from their lives.

Both dairy an gluten cause so much upset in our digestive tract, inflammation, and potentially lead to more chronic symptoms of leaky gut, GERD, irritable bowel syndrome, and much more. It is always a good idea for adults to limit their dairy as we cannot break down the proteins effectively. If you would like more support with determining if a gluten free or dairy free diet is right for you, consider a consultation with a professional. 

Many dairy free products are not at all what they are cracked up to be. Dairy free cheese is often grainy and not satisfying. Most of the satisfaction we experience when we eat diary is due to the fullness we get which is usually an inflammatory reaction in our digestive system. Would this product provide the nice creamy cheese we all like for macaroni and cheese or would it fall short.image3

This brand had a few new products, this deluxe white cheddar with vegetables, also a plain white cheddar and and orange cheddar. As I normally add in veggies of some sort to my mac I decided to try this (they all cost the same, about $3.50 a box with 3 servings).

I was first surprised and how quickly it cooked up. The instructions say to be careful not to over cook the macaroni and I can see why. With most rice based pastas I expect 10-15 minutes for cooking and this took about 8.  After draining and adding in the sauce (no extra ingredients needed), it mixed in easily and I loved the gooey texture.

image4How did it taste? Great! It reminded me a lot of Velveeta texture, that really thick, stick to the roof of your mouth kind of cheese. I found it really satisfying and I will defiantly be buying it again. I did not get that feeling of distension and fullness after eating making me thing that maybe I should be cutting back on dairy more. This may be an excellent food to encourage me to do that.

Oh, I also added a bit of chopped basil to mine. It was a nice fresh flavor to the heaviness of the dish. I may also add in some onion next time and some paprika. Overall, delicious and a great food to help the most devote dairy lover to ease away from a dairy addiction.

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