Walking out the Door

Here in Maryland it is still a little chilly but not too cold that going for a walk outside cant be done. Last spring I tried to start walking regularly. You may remember this as part of my Wellness Restart. It was going great and I absolutely love getting to meet people I saw daily while walking and observing the changes to the plants and animals in my neighborhood through the season. Then it started getting warm and I couldn’t do it anymore. I am a northerner and I don’t do well with the heat.

black-squirrels_2935713bI am all set to start this project again this year with new gusto! One of my favorite things about doing my walk was that I was choosing to go outside first thing in the morning, shortly after sunrise and before rush hour traffic would slow down my street crossings. After a few weeks of walking 3-4 times each week I noticed that I was more energetic on the days that I went for a walk in the morning. This felt great to me and I know it will take a few weeks of walking to get back into this again.

Not only did I have more energy on days that I walked I also noticed myself getting more done and sleeping better. It feels so nice to have a consistent sleep schedule. Once you have a healthy sleep schedule you never want to lose it because it feels so good. 75532dd806b43d78e3c3c109138073ba

Just a week ago it was a bright and sunny day and I had to get outside. I went on my normal walking path and I noticed that the construction was done!!! I had been doing about 1.5m in one direction then turning around because I would hit a bridge on my path that I couldn’t cross due to construction. With it complete my walking path goes nearly 4.5 miles away from my home! Now I am not going to do 9 miles each day but now I am able to push myself a bit more each day and still try to keep in my hour walk period.

There are some benefits from walking faster and that is really what I am trying to encourage for myself. I am already a fast walker but I am not a good jogger or runner at all. If I can just up those a little bit every week, eventually I will be getting further and further and still be committing the same amount of time to my exercise. They say that the faster pace you walk is a good sign of your life expectancy. 147399_f520

So what am I going to do when it get’s too hot this spring? I am tracking the times I walk and if I reach my goal before it gets too hot (or I push myself when it is hot to reach my goal) I plan to buy an inexpensive self moving treadmill to use in my apartment. I do not want to spend the money and then realize I am not going to use it when it is hot. I want to ensure that I am committed again this year to walk and then I can put in the larger purchase. I hope you can get outside and walk with me.

If you would like some personalized support to help get more movement in your life, consider a consultation with Jillian to help target your goals and set you on your path towards wellness.


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