Getting off the Couch

Yep, I struggle with this. I am even a personal trainer and I struggle with this. Working all day, being tired, and just wanting to take a break, sitting on the couch in the evening is so nice and relaxing. There are a few things you may not have thought of to help get a bit more movement, maybe get some projects done, and still relax, especially if you are tired from sitting all day. Wait-tired from sitting all day? Yeah, you know what I am talking about. There are some good movement options to get you moving even if you are tired from sitting all day.

  • Standing Tablein-sd-3

While these are not hard to come by it does take some practice to work it into your daily life. For myself, I bought one and then it promptly didn’t work and I didn’t put in the energy to fix it-instead I use the other techniques. Just the act of standing can support healthy muscular engagement compared to sitting and not using your muscles to keep your body upright. It is said that a single hour of sitting takes away the benefits of 30 minutes of moderate exercise. That simple standing to do your normal activities can make a difference.

  • Take the relaxation time to do light chores

Most people stuck on the couch are watching tv or reading in the evenings. If you are a tv getty_9_year_old_boy_father_doing_dishes_large_heroimages-56829cbc3df78ccc15bf2b8bwatcher that is an excellent opportunity for you to do some chores around the room. Pick up clutter, do dishes, maybe dust. Remember, light chores, don’t push yourself. Spend the time when you are fully refreshed scrubbing the floor. In the evening, relax, do some dishes during commercials or put on some music and dance around. Have fun and don’t overwhelm yourself. You will get more done that way.

  • Do light exercisefoam-rollers2

There is no need to do a full work out. Gosh if you are watching tv or reading just sit on an exercise ball rather than the couch. That will encourage you to continue to use some of your muscles and it is more fun. My personal preference is to use a foam roller. You can learn lots of activities to do with these on YouTube. I like to roll on mine and give myself a nice back and shoulder massage. Nice and relaxing and a bit of exercise at the same time. mar11_25ways1Don’t want to go buy an exercise ball or foam roller? No problem, light stretching can be done with out any supplies. Get into your pjs and relax on the floor to stretch some of your muscles you used through your daily activities. Stretching consistently is key to keeping your body mobile as you get older. Try this simple yoga class to get you started.

  • Spending time with partners

M9any of you probably don’t want to do many of these other options in the evening because you want to spend time with your partner. Your evening activities together do not need to be just sitting on the couch. When the weather is nice, an evening walk is lovely. It is adorable that my parents still do this after many years together. Consider participating in other evening activities that are easy and fun that get you up and moving as well. How about bowling? It is vastly underrated and is very nostalgic for most of us. Brainstorm some other fun activities you can do together that can keep you standing and moving around.

For more support with movement and wellness practices consider purchasing A Beginner’s Guide to Wellness or contact Jillian to schedule a consultation for one-on-one support with movement, nutrition, and wellness.



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