Herbal Ritual to Close the Year

To post a bit of a different kind of post this week, I would like to share with you all an herbal based ritual to close the year. Feel free to do any or all of the pieces here to close the year and build a firm footing for your year to come.

Closing the Year Teadried-dandelion-leaves

  • Blend together 2g dandelion leaf and 2g of chamomile (1 tea bag of each) and pour hot water over your herbs/tea bags in a cup. Let steep for 5-10 minutes and allow to cool slightly
  • Find a quiet space to sit with your mug. Using your non-dominant hand, wave your hand over your mug (either counter clockwise or still) and repeat the following three times: “With this tea, I wash away my troubles of the past year and release the attachments I have to my past actions.”
  • Breathe in three full breaths while thinking of releasing the past and drink your tea. Take your time while drinking this tea and contemplate things you are holding onto between each sip to release each in turn. *Do not be surprised if you urinate more for a few hours after drinking this tea

This is also a good time to smudge your residence. You may choose to do this while your tea steeps. If you are not familiar with smudging, you can check out this video. As with spring cleaning, starting fresh in January may not be a bad idea either. Do not feel attached to cleaning your home prior to smudging. It is more important to do what you can while you have the intention of closing the year.

Dandelion leaf helps to let us go of things we are holding onto. In our bodies it supports cleansing of our kidneys and urinary tracts which clean our blood. It is lovely spiritually for enhancing psychic powers, healing, and protecting the body.
Chamomile flowers help to relax you both physically and mentally providing a sense of security. It helps to prepare the body for changes and to break evil that is attached to the body and mind.

Starting the Year Tea

  • Blend together 2g of astragalus, 2g of eleuthrococcus or ginseng, and a sprinkle of whole fennel seeds. In a small sauce pan, bring 1.5c of water to a boil and add your dry herbs. Let simmer for 10 minutes and strain herbs. Allow your tea to cool.
    • You can often find astragalus strips at stores that sell bulk herbs.pineginseng
    • If you cannot find eleuthrococcus or ginseng roots (which can be expensive) you can also purchase ginseng shots that are in small bottles about 1 teaspoon sized (in packs of 30) from many health stores. You can open one of these bottles all the way and pour into your tea after strained.
  • Again, find a quiet place to sit with your mug. Using your dominant hand, wave your hand over the mug (either clockwise or still) and repeat the following three times: “With this tea, I take in the energy and nutrition I need for a year filled with love, peace, and prosperity.”
  • Breathe in three full breaths while thinking of what you want to bring into your life and what you need to have those things in your life. Drink your tea and visualize filling yourself with all of the strength and power you need to accomplish your goals in the new year.
  • After you have drank your tea, be sure to write down the intentions you want to manifest and take the time to make a plan on how you will reach your goals in the new year.
astragalus_rootsAstragalus is a great building herb. It helps to protect the body and keep it in it’s current state. It is best not taken if sick but will help repel sickness and evil when in a healthy state.
Eleuthrococcus and ginseng are also great building herbs. They both help provide the body with the energy and adaptability we need to change our actions as situations change. They are great at stabilizing challenging situations by building you up.
Fennel is a stimulating herb great for courage, vitality, and strength. It helps to repel negativity and offers protection as well.

I hope you have enjoyed these slightly different uses of herbs. I look forward to sharing more about herbs with you in the new year! -Jillian


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