Diet Soda 101

Many of you probably drink diet soda. It is better for you than regular soda, right? Not so much. Generally diet soda is lower in sugar or is made with artificial sweeteners. While it may sound like this is a great alternative there is a bit of a catch.soda23n-1-web

Let’s say you drink a normal, run-of-the-mill soda from the convenient store. This is packed with sugar, raising your body’s blood sugar levels and often caffeine levels, giving you energy, and providing your body with calories due to the sugar. Great, energy and filling calories. We will stay awake, be more focused, and we may not be quite as hungry. While there are other things in normal sodas that may be unhealthy, we mostly are getting calories from sugar.

If you are trying to lower your caloric intake you may chose to have a diet soda instead. Diet sodas, again, are usually made with artificial sweeteners, lower calorie options. So you drink the soda and you body thinks “Hey, sweet, soda! That’s energy, calories, and sugar. Let’s raise blood sugar levels and start all of the processing of calories!”

Your body starts the food digestion process but there are no calories for energy coming in.

Have you ever eaten an apple on an empty stomach? Often you will have a feeling of being more hungry than you were to begin with because of the digestive stimulating properties of the apple. Diet soda has a very similar effect. Our body expects the calories and sugar from the soda because of the taste but when we do not get them we crave more sugar and more calories.

So we have a second diet soda!

And the process starts all over again. Diet sodas are hard to have just one because when you do it prompts your body to crave another soda (or other calories from sugar). It is a never ending loop that is only cut at a halt when you have that sugar your body was expecting. At that point you usually will end up over eating/drinking that sugar.

174218Pay attention to how your body feels when you have diet soda. Do you crave it more and more? Can you have just one? Does it feel good in your body? Make a choice over what you would like to feel like. Sparkling water with fruit juices are an excellent alternative to classic sodas, with fruit based sugars, beneficial vitamins and antioxidants, while providing the refreshing bubbles we love in our sodas.

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  1. Brenda Harris says:

    What is seltzer water? Is that recommended?


    1. Seltzer water is water that has had carbonation added to it. There are some concerns that just drinking this adds too much carbon dioxide to the digestive system and can be uncomfortable. If you are replacing soda with seltzer water this is a good first step towards regular water. The bubbles can be a nice in between place with out the colors, sugars, and caffeine of sodas.


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