Preparing for 2017

With all the run around with the holiday season we often forget that soon we get to start over! A new year, new possibilities, new opportunities 🙂what-is-a-leonie-coloured-sml

This past year was my first experience working with Leonie Dawson and her Shining Year Planners. I have never felt so inspired and prepared to start a new year. If you want to live a holistic life and meet your goals in life and/or business her program is incredible. I just started working on my planner for 2017 and I am excited for all the possibilities I can put into action through her program.

While paying for her program is not necessarily for you, this is an excellent time to think ahead and journal about what you want 2017 to look like for you. Many of us are coming through this fall feeling more stressed than we would have normally; feeling threatened for our lives, the safety of those we love, and the health of our earth as a whole. While you may not be experiencing this, even if you are there is a light that you can turn on in 2017 and start the year off the way you want it to.

book-coverMake some goals and start to determine how you are going to achieve your goals. If you are not familiar with effective ways of setting and achieving goals you may want to consider A Beginner’s Guide to Wellness to help you through it. Determine a goal, the steps you need to take along the way, what challenges you may face at each step, and how to overcome each challenge. When you are able to plan these ahead of time you can look back when you hit a roadblock and see how to get around it.

I also like to take this time of the year to set up a new schedule for the spring. If planning to do laundry every Tuesday was not working, I will change when it is in my schedule. Walking every morning worked for the first half of the year but once it got too hot outside I couldn’t convince myself to get going and I never picked it back up again in the fall. How can I put walking back into my schedule in an effective way?

I really enjoy using google calendar on both my computer and phone. Having it always open allows me to see my goals for each day and easily schedule things in months ahead of time if I need to. When I have a large project coming up I can even use google calendar to schedule in when I am going to work on the project to ensure that I get it done in time. This has been a great method of managing my time wisely. I also find it rewarding because I purposely schedule more time than I will need so that I feel accomplished when I finish something early and have a bit of extra time to myself.

I hope you enjoy these quick tips for getting prepared for 2017. If you would like more support in preparing and learning more about adding wellness activities to your life, our book A Beginner’s Guide to Wellness is now available for purchase. Purchase your copy today to receive it in the beginning of January to start your year off right. If you would like more one-on-one wellness support. Consider scheduling a consultation with Jillian Carnrick at The Dancing Herbalist. All consultations are done over the phone and are currently being scheduled for January. Find out more information here and schedule your appointment today.


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