Releasing My Fear

A few months ago I moved onto the second part of a meditation series I have been doing for myself to learn more about my own chakras and how they interact with my life. I am now coming to a close on my sacral chakra, the second one and I would like to share a little with you about my experiences.

After working on my root chakra, and spending nearly a year on it, I was opened up to a place where I was more vulnerable, not fighting back with anger. This transition brought with it a large amount of fear that I did not know that I was carrying, just like with my anger.

00d462841f42430c39c30747234f4bdbIt was most noticeable right after the elections. While many individuals got angry I immediately felt fear. I was scared to leave my apartment and walk down stairs to my car. Scared to talk to my friends. Scared to go get groceries. I didn’t know what to do! I was lucky to have Betsy from A Balanced Life Wellness to check in on me. She encouraged me to take some herbs to lower my fear so I could at least get some food that would keep me nourished.

This wasn’t my only dilemma. When I was experiencing lots of anger I had pushed away a large number of my friends and with holding lots of fear I needed those friends back more than anything to feel safe in my life. I still had a few friends I felt safe with, we are talking like two, and I approached them and asked them for help, for a safe haven. I was lucky in that they both stepped right up to help and be present with me when I was not safe alone.

One of these friends encouraged me to come dance again. My fear over the past two years had moved me more and more away from social dance. After a few dances I was starting to breathe easy again. This was the safe home I needed. There were a few ups and downs but my ‘safe space’ friend was there to hold my hand and get my back.


sacral-chakra-affirmations-pinterestAfter a particularly stressful day filled with teaching workshops and making products for The Dancing Herbalist, I was finally able to stop and take a breath in my car. In that moment I realized I was enveloped in a great sense of peace and contentment. I normally would have been stressed, panicked, and trying to figure out what I had to do next. I finally felt myself again. I didn’t feel scared.

I still have had moments of fear and anger since then but now I am able to really process them and react appropriately rather than lashing out or cowering. My continued meditations on my chakras are supporting my own healing and I am excited to continue them to see what new possibilities open up.


If you are looking for support along a similar path, consider working with our wellness workbook: A Beginner’s Guide to Wellness. Printed copies are now shipping. If you would like help in building your support system or finding herbs to support anxiety, depression, or stress related symptoms, consider a consultation with The Dancing Herbalist.

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