Kick That After Meal Ick

…with BITTERS!

So many herbs do great things for the digestive system but none keep it is top working order on a daily basis better than bitters.

The idea behind having bitter herbs is pretty simple. The bitter flavor is one that stimulates your stomach to release more secretions to better break down your food. This means, less work for your body, smaller food bits for your body to absorb, and less irritation and inflammation after a meal.

Bitters can also help stimulate bile production and secretion into the small intestine. This is really helpful for our body to break down fats. That after meal feeling of weight, feeling full, and unable to move has a lot to do with your body not fully breaking down fats.

Buy a mix of bitters or take some that you have at home. Here are a few bitters you may enjoy to get to started at feeling less stomach aches during the holidays with such high fat foods. Be sure to not add too much sugar. The flavor of bitter is the real benefit and small amounts work just fine (a few drops of tinctures).

Chocolate-mild bitter, stimulates more salivary flow

Chamomile-mild bitter great for children’s digestion difficulties

Citrus peel-nice added to morning tea to stimulate digestion

Gentian-general bitter herb, not much is needed

Ginger-bitter action helps reduce morning sickness and motion sickness

Mugwort-particularly great for high fat meals

Coffee-common morning bitter used to stimulate bowel movements

Also consider trying a blend from A Balanced Life Wellness like their Coffee Bitters or their Cranberry Orange Bitters. Or if you want a customized bitter formula, just for your digestive needs, consider a consultation with The Dancing Herbalist.




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