Fixing My Brain Fog

For the past two weeks or so I have been putting together lots of specials for you, with extra free classes, extra blog posts, and many other goodies as part of our Customer Appreciation Month. Through all of this business I haven’t gotten to eat the way I usually do and I was not getting all of the exercise I would otherwise have gotten. I was putting all of my energy into my mental capacity, into my brain function.

If you have ever gone to an intensive workshop to learn new information, you know this brain fog that I am talking about. I was working so hard at thinking that my brain has been taking twice as long to come up with the same answers. I know this information, why can’t I get it out? 94249715

A few things have been playing into my brain fog. I think one of the biggest was because I was not eating right I was not getting the right kinds of fats. The brain is one organ that really needs the high amounts of essential fatty acids, or EFAs, to function properly. With eating out and only cooking quick meals at home, I was unable to get the fatty acids that my brain needed. Each neuron in our brain is coated with fat like tissue so that the nervous impulses move effectively. With out the fat, the thoughts don’t flow.

But fat is in like everything. How could I not be getting enough?

There are different kinds of fats and what I have been lacking are the ‘good fats.’ You can think of fat molecules in three different categories: LDL (low density lipoproteins-bad for cardiovascular system), HDL (high density lipoproteins-good for cardiovascular system), and EFAs (essential fatty acids-help nervous function and other positive actions). essentialfattyacids

Almost all fast foods, pre-prepared foods, and just about any oils you buy at a typical grocery store are going to be high in LDL fats. HDL fats are found in non-rancid olive oil, flax seed oil, and coconut oil. As soon as these oils go rancid though, their LDL levels start to rise so getting fresh oils is key. EFAs are generally found in the HDL containing oils but I believe they are best found in supplements where they are more concentrated.

So I bought some HDL/EFA containing oil supplements, flax seed based.

maxresdefaultWhat else could help? I was luck enough to get to dance a lot this past weekend and this exercise really got my muscles working. The extra blood flow I am sure would have been helpful if I was able to stay hydrated during the weekend. I was not, so now I am working again to re-hydrate myself. Drinking extra water and making sure to be getting at least my eight cups a day, and more. I am salting my water so that more of it absorbs into my body because I tend to not have enough salt in my diet. This is not generally an issue for most people however.

Even while exercising, I could tell the brain fog was still keeping me down and my reaction time wasn’t up to par. Since dancing, I have been trying to also increase my protein levels. Protein really helps the body to repair itself so if there is any damage that I should get some support with.

Ill keep you updated how the increased EFAs do at getting my brain feeling like normal again. I am confident that they will be the most help of my changes. -Jillian

Having some problems like this yourself? Want some extra support? Consider a consultation with Jillian at The Dancing Herbalist.

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