Holiday Homemade Gifts: Spice Mix

Did you get a chance to try The Dancing Herbalist’s spice blend last year? No! Well now is your chance to make it yourself to give as a holiday gift this year. Going to the bulk section of Whole Foods will give you a huge selection of bulk powdered herbs you can use to make your own spice blends to give as gifts. To start you out here is what I made last year.

5 parts cinnamono-cinnamon-powder-facebook

2 parts cardamom

1 part ginger

1 part clove

Buy the spices, weigh them and mix in the proportions listed. This is a non-scary spicy cinnamon for those who need more warming in their lives, and in the winter, but cannot handle too much of the spicier herbs. This goes great in hot chocolate, in smoothies, on toast, in pie or on ice cream. All of these herbs are called carminatives and help the body to digest food so if there is a food you sometimes have trouble digesting, such as dairy and ice cream for some, this is a good option to add and it will taste great!

Other herbs that would mix well with this are cayenne, rosemary, thyme, and sage depending on your tastes. That being said, these four additional would make a great rub for your turkey and other meats this holiday season as they are also good carminatives.


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