Working off the Holiday Pounds

I am so ready to celebrate holidays this year with friends and family. It has been a long year and I feel like it is time to celebrate love and life as the cycle turns inward once again for the winter season. Unfortunately, with the winter on it’s way and the delicious foods of the holidays with it, it is really hard to keep up with your wellness activities. Eating right and staying active during the winter can be a challenge. Try these tips out and be glad you are continuing to practice wellness.healthy-thanksgiving

  1. When going to a potluck, bring the healthy dish.

When you do this, you are automatically guaranteed there will be one dish that you can eat, if you are allergen restricted, and that will be a healthy alternative for you so you do not need to reach for all of the sugar filled sweets and heavy meats.

2. Instead of sitting in the living room after a meal to converse, encourage others to go for a walk.

This is not a hard one but often you may get some naysayers. If you go to a party with someone, talking to them ahead of time about this can help to encourage the whole group to go for a walk. Walking after eating can encourage your metabolism to ramp up as well as encouraging good digestive motility. In most places in the United States, it is still warm enough in December to go for a walk mid-day outside.


3. Only cook what you need.

Having lots of holiday leftovers is often a treat we indulge in. When you have baked too many cookies or extra sweet potatoes, you are apt to then eat a greater amount of them with leftovers than you normally would. Try to stick which cooking only what you need for the main holiday meals.

4. Look out for discounts on exercise classes and events.

This time of year lots of organizations that promote exercise are offering discounts due to the holiday pounds. Keep your eyes open to them and snatch them up. If you buy it, you are more likely to use it. If you don’t buy it, well…. you will never use it. Don’t forget about those holiday balls your partner keeps asking you to go to. Why not?!o-national-gallery-ice-rink-570

5. Portion control!

This time of year we often get our 5-a-day because so many of us are having more squashes and different kinds of potatoes. It is important to remember that these are much more calorie dense and we do not need to eat the same volume of them as we do our other vegetables. Be sure to keep your portions small and stop eating when you are full. It is a common sign to sigh while eating at some point. This is generally the body saying it has had enough. It is ok to stop eating. Take smaller bites, chew your food completely and you will savor it and not feel like you need to eat quite as much.

I hope you have enjoyed these simple tips to working off the holiday pounds. If you are interested in more nutritional and exercise support, consider our book A Beginner’s Guide to Wellness or a consultation with Jillian Carnrick for more personalized support with an herbalist, nutritionist, and personal trainer.


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