Holiday Homemade Gifts: Potpourri Sachet

A few years back I started making holiday gifts for my entire family. I am going to continue this again and I wanted to share with you some of my favorite herbal inspired gifts.

photo_3_1e347b-1After finding these lovely hand dyed felts I decided to make potpourri sachets for many relatives. Stuffed inside each of my hand embroidered felt bags was a lovely mix of organic fruits, flowers, cones, and barks for the holiday season that I got at the spice section of Whole Foods. This time of year the bulk spices are very inexpensive there and the fillings for three of these cost me less than 7$, a great deal. The ratios here are very rough and just mix what you like together until you enjoy the smell.

I put 2-3 cinnamon sticks in each bag and 3-5 star anise. I then filled the bag with:
5 parts juniper berriescloves-and-juniper-berries
2 part clove flowers
1 part all spice (whole)

By using the whole herbs rather than crushed they can slowly be shifted and broken up for their lovely scents to be released through the next year. I must admit I was surprised at how lovely this mixture smelled to me. I originally wanted to stuff them with pine or cedar but after exploring juniper a little more I have found that this conifer is just as lovely for this season.


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