Skullcap is a plant that is great for me. Everyone has their own challenges and eventually find that right herb that they just keep coming back to use regularly. For me that is skullcap.

scutellaria-lateriflora-skullcapSkullcap is in the mint family, with peppermint, nettles, and also basil. These plants are denoted because they have a square shaped stem. In a few days we will be posting on catnip, another mint that is not just for cats.

Skullcap can be made into tea, just like with peppermint or nettles, but I personally prefer to take skullcap as a tincture. I feel that for most of skullcap’s uses, tincture better lends to the quick action that is desired. There are also sometimes challenges with skullcap molding during the drying process. That is avoided with fresh tinctured skullcap.retail_skullcap_1oz_7ldskull01

So what is skullcap used for. The phrase I would like to explore is using skullcap for anxious excitability. That might not mean much to you but see what you think as we talk about it. Skullcap is a great herb to take before bed to calm the mind so that sleep comes more easily. If your mind is going a mile a minute, thinking about all of your projects, activities, people, challenges, and many other things, skullcap will help to quite these so you can pass more easily into sleep.

I also like to use it for some kinds of stage fright, nervousness, and anxiety. If you are a person who gets nervous and anxious and then over share, get louder, and more awkward, skullcap is for you.  It is a general nervine, relaxing your nervous system and reducing anxiety. When taken in higher doses it can have hypnotic effects so be careful if taking more.


p-993-skullcap-herb-cs-organicSkullcap may be the right nervine for you if you tend to head for sweet foods when nervous. If you are emotionally sensitive, enjoy fuzzy warm hammocks, and lots of pillows, skullcap will be your new best friend. Take care if you are experiencing exhaustion however. It may not offer you the relaxation you need other than supporting you in falling asleep.



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