A Beginner’s Guide to Wellness, part 3

book-coverIf you do not yet know, we are soon going to be publishing our awesome workbook: A Beginner’s Guide to Wellness. Be sure to check out more information and join our newsletter for when sales are opened. We are spending a few weeks now giving you some samples of what is inside.

Breathing technique 1:

Rhythmic breathing is key to most breathing techniques. This rhythm, something that is regular and slow, is hard to develop. It is important to start with simple techniques if you do not have experience paying attention to your breath. Spend some time just paying attention and observing your breathing, if this is not something you have done previously, before you start to alter your normal breathing patterns.

Observe how long it takes you to take a breath. Do you breathe in for longer than you breathe out?

What parts of your body move when you breathe?

Are there any sounds you hear or anything you feel when you breathe?

Do you pause between breathing in and out or back in again?

After you have spent a few minute observing your breath start adjusting your breathing so that it is more regular. I suggest first starting with an easy counting method. Breathe in 1, 2, 3, 4 and then breathe out 1, 2, 3, 4. Count regular and slow. The slower you count the harder it will be. If you feel yourself struggling to breathe at the speed you are counting, speed up your counting a bit. Try to stretch out your breathing to get a more full breath of air.breathing-with-the-diaphragm

Practice this technique daily for about 10 minutes. When I was first practicing conscious breathing I found that playing music while I practiced served me. This was because I could practice keeping time to the music while breathing, counting the music. I had to search for a few songs to find one that fit a breathing pace that fit a longer breath than my natural breath but was still comfortable for me. After about 2 weeks of daily practice, this breathing practice should become easy and you can start challenging yourself with additional techniques. Continue to return to this practice to begin all of your breathing practice sessions.

Remember: we also offer consultations if you are looking for more support with adding breathing and meditation practices into your life.

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