Herbal Honey

This is a project I have not yet jumped on board with but I sure do honey_speardslove taking herbal honeys. My favorite company to buy them from is Mockingbird Meadows. I have been using their Honey ZZZ to keep my sleep schedule regular for 3 years now. A few years back I vended next to them and have been hooked ever since.

Making your own herbal honey does not have to be difficult. When you know what flavors or herbs you want to add, simply fill a jar 1/2 way full if the herbs are fresh, or 1/4 way full if you are using dry herbs. Fill the jar with honey and allow it to sit in a windowsill to infuse for at least a week.

roses-lavenderI do not recommend grinding your herbs finely for a honey or they will be harder to strain out. Some lovely herbs that are great in honey are lavender, rose, and chamomile which after strained all make an excellent calming and uplifting flavor to brighten any day. I like using my sweetened herbal products in seltzer water or on ice cream. How delicious for a summer treat.

Can you imagine putting rose honey onto your toast in the morning. That is an amazing way to start your day! Mountain Rose Herbs has some other excellent suggestions as well as being a great place to purchase your herbs to make a honey. Don’t forget, herbal honey is naturally antimicrobial and is a great preservative, however it is not appropriate for kids under age two.

Have you made an herbal honey? Let me know how it goes in the comments below.

If you are hoping to see next week how to make an herbal infused oil you will miss it. We posted a month or so back on how to do that. Learn how to make an herbal infused oil here and be sure to subscribe to learn how to make a salve next week.



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