A Beginner’s Guide to Wellness, part 2

book-coverIf you do not yet know, we are soon going to be publishing our awesome workbook: A Beginner’s Guide to Wellness. Be sure to check out more information and join our newsletter for when sales are opened. We are spending a few weeks now giving you some samples of what is inside.

Commonly, we don’t turn to exercise and movement until we are already ill or we realize we have risk factors for an illness that could be reduced through exercising. Exercise and movement can also help prevent many common illnesses primarily by strengthening many of the bodies systems so they are less likely to become injured or infected. Exercise improves your musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, immune system, digestive system, stress response, and lymphatic and detoxification systems, all the big ones.

One thing commonly will scare people away from exercise. It hurts at first and can be dangerous if you are not properly supervised when you are not used to exercising. When you are starting to add more movement in to your life it is important that you do it safely. If you have any questions on what you feel is appropriate movement, please seek a medical professional. And I am not just saying this. Go talk to your doctor about it.

Cardio sheraton-tirana-hotel-jogging

This is what most people think about when they think about exercise. Cardio is the exercise that is most effective at getting your heart rate up. This kind of work is labeled cardio because it promotes our cardiovascular system to work harder. These kinds of activities include running, climbing stairs, dancing, boxing, most team sports, and swimming.

The benefits from cardio exercise generally focus around strengthening your heart muscle, creating endurance in your skeletal muscles, and improving your lung capacity and strength. Cardio can improve your lymphatic flow to detoxify your body. It can reduce your stress responses by releasing molecules related to pleasure. Generally, when doing cardio workouts, because your body is focused on supplying oxygen to your muscles rather than digesting food you do not increase your digestion. However, when doing certain kinds of movements around your waist it can support peristaltic movement through your intestines so that food can move through more effectively.

What would you enjoy doing the most for cardio activity?

Of the benefits to cardio exercise, what ones do you think would support your personal wellbeing?

What will actually encourage you to add more cardio exercise into your life?

Adding cardio exercise was the hardest of these for me. Having been a dancer I often will participate in social dance. I found I was not hitting my moderate heart rate however. I am not in great cardiovascular health so when I then set out to try jogging it was not an option with my asthma. I began doing more invigorating waking, similar to speed walking. What has kept me going on this was listening to audio books. If I want to continue in the story I need to walk. This was excellent encouragement for me to actually get more cardio exercise in my life.

Remember: we also offer consultations and personal training sessions if you are looking for more support with adding more movement to your life.


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