What I do when I get sick

Someone asked me a while back what I do when I get sick. I post a lot about some of the herbs that I use but how do I actually use them. Here is a bit of a walk through of what I do when I am getting sick.

throat_and_gland_2When I first start to feel a tickle in my throat I use the Throat and Gland spray from Natura. This stuff is awesome. I immediately start taking it with me if I do not immediately feel better with the first spray. Usually, two sprays is all I need and I don’t get sick. Sometimes I will also take this if I am dehydrated so that I am not more susceptible to getting sick while I re-hydrate myself.

If I am still on the road to sickness, even when using this throat spray, I will head to the store to buy some essentials. If I am out of it, elderberry syrup (I almost always have some), fresh garlic, seltzer, a large bottle of echinacea tincture, tissues, and chicken broth (if there is none in my freezer).

When I get home, Ill start to heat up some chicken broth on the stove while I pour myself a glass of seltzer mixed with elderberry syrup. I really like seltzer for my throat but cold liquids are not for every sickness.garlic2

Into my broth I add lots of dried onion, garlic, black pepper, red pepper flakes, and salt (probably extra for me because I have low blood pressure and it is hard for me to absorb fluids without extra salt). I let this simmer for a little and then turn the heat off.

When I have finished my seltzer mix, I take a mug of the broth with herbs to sip on. Generally it is really spicy so I cant chug it down and that is ok. Ill also start the garlic protocol here, taking one clove of garlic, cutting it into pill size, coating them with honey and swallowing them without chewing. These two pieces are to start to raise my body’s temperature to get a fever to cut out the sickness.

Ill rest, read, watch tv, while allow a fever to start. Ill keep sipping on my broth and taking more garlic as I need. If I don’t feel that a fever is coming on, ill get into a hot bath and that usually kicks it up. Adding epsom salts helps to pull some of the infections out through my body as well.

Before bed, I will take 5-10ml of echinacea tincture, mix it with 5ml of the allergy tincture made by A Balanced Life Wellness, and drink this tincture mix with water. These herbs will help my immune system kick into gear while I am sleeping and can’t keep eating garlic and other herbs.

e5f453_79f3d787a16a4dc48eb11a9815c43d02mv2_d_2291_1666_s_2Usually, after a day of this my fever has broken and then I am just in the runny nose phase. I will use my First Aid Salve on my nose after I blow so that it does not start to hurt too much. I keep taking the tincture mix in the morning and evening (sometimes mid day), reducing the added echinacea as I go. Echinacea is only really helpful if you can take a lot of it, about 30-45ml a day if by itself. It gets expensive quickly so buy the big bottle.

I hope this gives you some good tips to work with. To learn more about using herbs in your kitchen for when you are sick and how to do the garlic protocol visit our online herbal studies program.

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