How to take Herbal Powders

If you saw our post last week on making herbal infusions and decoctions you are probably now thinking: ‘I want to take root herbs but decoctions take so long every day.’ You are totally right in thinking that. That is why herbal powders exist.

Herbal powders are herbs that have been ground into a fine powder so that they do not need to be infused or decocted but can be added directly to your food or eaten themselves. You probably already use some of these herbs when you are cooking and just haven’t thought about it. Garlic and onion powders, turmeric, cayenne, sage, ginger.misc-herb-powders-4

While not all of these are used medicinally regularly, there are other herbs that are only used medicinally and not as a culinary powder. Some of my favorites are reshi and cordyceps mushrooms, burdock and dandelion roots, and schisandra fruit, often called five flavor berry.

Medicinal powders have some problems to overcome when taking them:

  • They are dry
  • They usually have no taste or taste terrible
  • You need to take much more than easily gets into your food

You can choose to try to mix herbal powders into water. This is only half great as they do not dissolve in water and generally end up in a coughing fit when you try to drink them quickly to get all of the herbs from your glass before they settle.

One simple way to solve this is to put them into a semi liquid mix, like a smoothie or apple sauce. Don’t mix your herbs in your whole smoothie. You wont end up drinking it with the taste from some herbs. Add them to a few spoonfuls and eat them quickly to get them into you.ninjaballs2

This still isn’t an excellent option. BUT THERE IS HOPE! Rosemary Gladstar has brought us a wonderful solution to eating powders and they are called Nut Butter Balls!

  • Take a 1/2 cup of nut butter, I like almond butter, mix in 1/4 cup of honey or maple syrup, add in about a weeks worth of your herbs (if you are taking 5g a day that is 35g of herbs). If your mix is dry, aka you are taking lots of herbs each day, add more liquid sweetener to moisten.
  • Add in some tasty treats: chocolate chips, raisins, chopped nuts, cherries
  • Now divide your mixture into half, divide each half into 7 balls
  • Take the balls and if you choose, roll them in coconut flakes, coco or cinnamon powder

ef11e9122bbd187dc43258d5fb3b81e6With this method you have divided your balls so you can have two a day for a whole week to get your medicine. Doesn’t this sound like a nice treat?

Want to try powders yourself but not sure where to start. I recommend starting to explore with dandelion root, burdock root, or astragalus powders. These are great for liver and immune support and are good low flavored herbs to experiment with.

If you are looking for an herbal powder formula for you to take regularly, seek a professional herbalist for guidance in what herbs will work best for you. Remember to subscribe to get the other posts in our Herbal Medicine 101 series and visit our website for our free online herbal classes.


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