Destroying My Anger

This post today is a bit more on the personal side. I have been working in a chakra based system for about a year now to help me with some anger issues I have been having and it is defiantly making a difference and I want to tell you a little bit of what is going on.

While it has probably been an issue for much longer, about a year ago I started noticing that I was having serious anger issues that were not well founded. I was starting to easily hurt those around me and I was not even aware of how my actions were effecting others. root-chakra1

Something would happen to set me off and I would lose control of my actions and even after the fact I struggled to remember what happened and why I had done and said the things I had. This was no way for me to be a healing presence. I had to start changing this.

I chose to re-engage my meditation practices and read a few books on accepting others. I was finding that in my personal life I was struggling with accepting even my friends for who they were. In my business life, I was separate from others and I could accept anything they needed, but not those close to me.

root-chakra-affirmations-pinterestI have gotten past a lot of the small things that were prompting me to get lost in a state of anger but I am not through this challenge yet. Even this past weekend I was quick to anger when I was pushed into a situation I had judgement about. It is hard to release judgement and after the situation, I sat for a good amount of time in silence to calm myself to try to be open to new possibilities around what had happened and how I could better handle it next time.

I still get to a place where I lose control and cannot easily see the choices I am making out of anger. Through paying attention to how I am feeling and taking a moment to pause after a situation I am slowly becoming more capable of controlling myself in the moment.

This kind of work takes a life time to change and I am so glad that I am starting to take control of my emotional challenges that I was not even awake to knowing existed a year ago. I hope you will consider taking some time today to think about when you are quick to anger or fear and why that is, in hopes that we can both reduce some upset for ourselves and others today.

If you are looking for support along a similar path, consider working with our wellness workbook: A Beginner’s Guide to Wellness. Printed copies are expected to begin shipping out mid October.

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