Calendula: The Inside Story (Part 4)

By now you are probably in love with calendula as much as I am if you have been following our series. In part 1 we gave you a general overview of how calendula works in the body. Part 2 was all so you can make your own calendula infused oil at home and use it on your skin. Part 3, last week, looked at different ways you can use calendula topically you might not have thought of. This week we look at more of the internal uses of calendula.

41h0tjmm9jlCalendula is usually made into both tea and tincture for use inside of the body. (To learn to make a tincture check out our online herbal classes.) Tinctures are great for so many things. They are alcoholic extracts of herbs that extract a wider variety of molecules from the plant and are easier for our bodies to absorb when taken by the mouth. Calendula tinctures can even be used in the mouth as a mouth rinse for tooth aches, bleeds, and canker sores.

Many inflammatory challenges can be supported with calendula including swollen lymph nodes in tonsillitis and breast lymph nodes, a concern around breast cancer. Calendula even has demonstrated antitumor properties in a few studies.

The digestive system is also commonly exposed to inflammatory challenges. Calendula is great at supporting these because taking a tea or tincture by the mouth it immediately goes through the digestive system, allowing calendula easy access to these challenges. Some thing calendula can be helpful for is gastritis, peptic ulcers, and inflammation in the bowels.

Calendula tea can be added to a douche for yeast infections. It also has a mild estrogen like action, making it helpful and reducing pain associated with menses and regulation of normal bleeding.

It is also an excellent detoxification herb for removing the underlying infections associated with fevers and systemic skin challenges like eczema and acne. In the liver it promotes bile production, stimulating digestion and cleaning out the liver at the same time.

It is important to note again that the tea and tincture of calendula have slightly different actions because of the different molecules extracted. Tea is recommended more for inflammation and menopausal problems. Tinctures are more recommended for liver related symptoms, digestion, and menstrual challenges.

IMG_0856I hope you have enjoyed our month on calendula. We have now covered my three favorite herbs so we will take a break from them for a while. If you have not yet had a chance to read up on Garlic and Arnica, I highly suggest you do so because they are both amazing herbs as well. If you are enjoying our blog I highly recommend checking out our website’s online herbal classes and subscribing to our blog and monthly newsletter for the fastest updates on all the wonderful things we offer you.


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