Calendula: For hands and hearts (Part 3)

If you have been following our calendula series you have already seen some amazing ways to use calendula. Today we are going to talk about some of the more obscure ways calendula can be used in your life.

SONY DSCFirst off, because of the gorgeous color of these flowers they make an excellent dye for the hair. I like to use calendula tea mixed in with my henna instead of black tea. Next week we will post on how to dye your hair with henna so you can see.This calendula wash can be used as a hair rinse after showering as well to help bring our natural hair highlights in brown and reddish hair.calendula-tea

As a tea, it also makes a great wash for oily skin and is very soothing to they eyes. My tear ducts are said to not work the best so a calendula eye wash is very relaxing for my eyes. This can be good for sore and inflamed eyes from allergies or infections.

It is also helpful to the skin in salves and creams for sun burns, swelling, sprains, stings, and varicose veins. Some individuals even use it to kill bacteria and fungus such as athlete’s foot.

This is one herb that I feel safe also recommending to use on animals. A salve, with out essential oils, can be great for treating wounds, injuries, and inflammation in animals. Some people even spray calendula juice into the nostrils of their live stock for cough symptoms. It can also be added to live stock feed for flatulence.

1425326895945Calendula also has a long tradition of being used to support emotional trauma for individuals who are easily frightened and have anxiety in their heart and spirit. For individuals with low immunity and that have a hard time recovering from illness, calendula tea can be great to offer an air of protection to the heart and body. Not only does calendula support fear and anxiety, it can also be used to temper anger, shock, and trauma. Energetically it is associated with the planet Mars, a planet full of anger. Drink calendula tea to feel the soothing solar warmth radiate through you.

Want to learn more about calendula and other herbs with this kind of information? Try Check back next week to see more about how to use calendula internally and be sure to check out all of our calendula products on our website.

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