Kick the Sick with Garlic

Garlic is an amazing herb. I think we can all agree on this. I have learned new things since the last time I was writing about garlic then about this wonderful herb and I wanted to make sure to update you. First, did you know that the more red your garlic is the more antimicrobial it is believed to be?

I always have friends getting sick and asking me what they should do for it. Just last month I told a friend to go for garlic and she was like, ‘oh ya! I forgot.’ It is easy to forget these kinds of things and this year especially we are looking at a bad flu season so remembering how we can use garlic to stay healthy is going to be important.

Every year we are all recommended to get the flu vaccine so that we can reduce the chance that the flu will spread, from the public health perspective, and the chance that we will get sick ourselves. To develop the vaccine, scientists look at a wide variety of different viruses that they believe will become the next strain of the flu that we will all get sick from. They have to basically take a well educated guess and than we all get vaccinated against that strain. In recent years they have been doing good and the flu only has seamed to get worse because of the reduction in people getting vaccinated, increasing the public health concern as it is transferred more easily when well people are vaccinated. Garlic is an excellent added support to prevent the flu in your family so lets get to work on that garlic!garlicfinelycrushed

Many of you have probably heard that in garlic the antimicrobial molecule is allicin. This is correct but it is more complicated than that. Allicin is a very unstable molecule and will break down easily when exposed to heat, air, water, or oil. To solve this problem you must do one simple thing: crush your garlic, don’t chop it. Crushing garlic breaks open the oil vesicles in the cloves, releasing the enzymes that activate the allicin. When the allicin has been slightly altered by the enzymes it is much more stable in the air, water, and oil. When it is added to these it can then survive better when added to heat. Regardless it is suggested that when you are using garlic for antimicrobial actions you wait until the end of cooking to add it or eat the garlic raw.

Usually when I am using garlic when I am sick it is to help raise my fever. Most adults have a hard time with this and garlic, when you do the garlic protocol, does a great job at raising a fever in an adult when taken in large quantities. Be sure to subscribe to see how to do this next week. You do not need to chew or crush garlic for this as it will be strong enough with out the added benefits of crushing.┬áRaising a fever will work to fight off most colds and some viruses as the higher body temperature will kill off bacteria and some viruses causing your body’s symptoms.

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For even more about garlic and it’s awesome uses, be sure to check out our free online herbal classes and our kitchen medicine class.

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