Your Body, Your Wellness (part 1)

How much do you know about your body?

Most Americans don’t know much about their own body. If you sit at home on the couch all day or even at the office all day and just eat out or whatever is given to you, you may not know much about your own body. If you studied biology, nutrition, movement, or any body related field you probably already have a step up on most individuals but what is different about your body compared to the next person?

It is an American trap that we get ourselves into, having someone else tell us about our own body. We live in this body and we should be able to learn for ourselves about how our bodies work. While I can share with you information about what science says is going on, such as our immune system, I cannot tell you what your body does differently when it gets sick from a cold or the flu. Only you can learn about your body in this way.

I personally think it is quite a tragedy that we do not know more about our own bodies in this society. I often talk about sharing wellness techniques with others and empowering you to take control of your own wellness practices but these are not going to do anything unless you know your own body.

How will you know early enough to start taking medicine for a cold when you don’t know what your own early signs of getting sick are? How will you know when your skin has a potentially cancerous spot unless you already know what your skin looks and feels like? How will you know you might have a problem in your digestive tract unless you already know what your digestion feels like?

It is really hard to start to learn about your own body and how it reacts to different situations. For most of us, just thinking about it is not going to do much, we need to write it down and go over it day after day to see where our patterns are. Journaling is the first way to know how your body is feeling.

 Journaling can be hard to be consistent with but when making any long term changes to your wellness practices journaling is one of the key practices needed to help you observe what is working best for you. Start small, write one sentence on how you feel that day at the end of they day or even just start your day by writing down one word for how you want to show up in the world that day. I never do good at consistency either but starting small is a much easier way to start a new commitment.

Next week we will talk a little bit more about journaling and how it can support your wellness by learning about how your own body appears to you and in the world. Be sure to subscribe to get this post to your e-mail and consider visiting our website for more amazing information on herbs including our FREE herbal classes and other ways to learn about your own body using our Wellness 101 Workbook.

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