Essential Oils for Home Use

With all of the talk about using Essential Oils as medicine what should you be doing? More and more people are looking to use herbs as medicine and many are looking at using Essential Oils, highly concentrated extracts of the aromatic compounds of medicinal herbs. Last year the FDA started to crack down on Essential Oil companies who make claims on their products for medicinal use. While some uses may be appropriate there are many aroma therapeutic and topical uses of Essential Oils that are effective for wellness support. Here are a few common uses of these oils that are generally regarded as safe.


This is one of the very few essential oils that does not need to be diluted when used topically on adults. You should still take care and dilute it with another oil, like olive oil, on children and would be best to not use topical on babies. This oil is however great as a calming agent in an oil burner or diffuser like the one pictured. When a child, or yourself, is stressed or having trouble sleeping it is an excellent way to calm the mind to support relaxation. Put a few drops in an oil burner (do not leave the candle to burn while you sleep) or put a few drops on a cotton ball near the bed or in a pillow case.


My favorite essential oil to use when I am sick. I do not use it topically but it can be nice with a few drops on a cotton ball when I am trying to sleep. Usually what I do is fill my sink with the hottest water my faucet will allow, steaming. I cover my head with a towel and lower my head close to the water, filling the towel with steam. By putting a few drops of oil into the steaming water it causes the oil to evaporate quickly. Breathing this in quickly clears your sinuses and with the potency of the peppermint can be supportive in disinfecting your sinuses if any infection is located there. This is a much safer alternative to putting essential oils into a neti pot. After doing this steam treatment make sure to put a moisturizing oil into your nose to moisten it after the drying of the essential oil.

Tea Tree

This is the first oil I will talk about using topically. Most people have heard about using tea tree for fungus and it does a great job at it. Just like other oils you still want to dilute this before using it topically. Add a few drops to a bath water to soak or for a foot soak alone. After a bath and before bed, adding 2-3 drops to a tablespoon of olive oil and applying to fungal affected areas can be beneficial. I suggest prior to bed because oil based things can rub off easily so with feet cover with socks to protect your sheets. This essential oil is in our First Aid Salve which can also be used similarly on feet or on areas affected by fungus that are not mucosal membranes. Essential oils should not be used to treat any vaginal conditions with out direct supervision of a practitioner.


Though there are many uses for eucalyptus I want to eucalyptus_1280x1280_zoom__54878-1413184399-1280-1280mention the fact that is is a great analgesic, a pain reliever. After diluting a few drops into a tablespoon of olive oil it makes an excellent massage oil on soar muscles and joints. It has a slightly cooling effect which can be enhanced by adding a drop or two of peppermint as well to the mixture. With its stimulating smell that is enjoyed by all genders it can be a great addition to any soar muscle regimen.

I hope you will consider subscribing while you are here today or at least go check out our new herbal classes on our website. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about herbal medicine and if you are able to, consider donating so we can keep growing the free online herbal classes.


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