Homeopathy 101: For the Skeptic (that’s me)

If you didn’t know this yet, when it comes to herbal medicine I am a skeptic. Really, ya.
71gusiphbkl-_sl1181_Every time I start to make a new product for my topical line I make sure I have a pile of friends try it out to make sure it is doing what I want to tell people it is doing. Even then it is months of people coming back to me saying how happy they are it worked before I believe it.

So when it comes to homeopathy I am often even more skeptical. The idea of homeopathy is only a few hundred years old and is not intuitive to most people. I want to tell you today a little about what homeopathy is so you can decide for yourself if it is a valid form of healing.

What is the idea behind homeopathy?

The idea is that like cures like. Well, what does that mean. Ill use arnica as an example seeing this month we are focusing on this herb. Arnica, at a high dose, is a poison and can easily cause death. Before death, there are symptoms of poisioning. Homeopathy says that if you take a small enough dose of arnica it will actually cure the symptoms that are seen at the high dose.


I am not positive on the toxicity symptoms of arnica but let’s say they are vomiting and severe inflammation. The idea is that by taking a homeopathic remedy you can treat an individual that is suffering from both vomiting and severe inflammation. Interesting.

How do I make a homeopathic remedy?

Well it is in theory simple but in practice very challenging. The idea is that you want to highly dilute your original substance to make it more potent. Most follow a process similar to this: starting with a tincture (an alcoholic extract of herbs-like tea with alcohol), you take one drop of this and put it into 100 drops of alcohol. Shake it up a bit. Do it again: put one drop of this new mixture into a fresh 100 drops of alcohol. Shake it up. You do this 6 times to get a 6C homeopathic remedy, 30 times to get a 30C, and even a more dilute 200 times to get 200CK. homeopathic-dilutions-diagram

Woah, is there any medicine left in that?

The idea is that you are making the product more ‘potent’ with the more dilutions you do. So even though 200CK is more dilute it is considered to be more potent than 6C. Personally, I describe it that the more potent the remedy is the more ‘clear’ the ‘essence’ of the plant is, almost the energy and spirit of the plant. I am not a homeopathic practitioner but this is how I understand the remedy.

Does it work?

Well I want to leave that to you to decide. Some strong herbs like arnica are used so often as homeopathic remedies, and at lower potencies, that I feel there are still some molecules there offering chemical changes in the body. I have seen friends do homeopathics and have great success. I myself tried a treatment protocol when I fractured my wrist in a car accident a few years back and I felt that there was some benefit to the whole system.

In reality, you need to try homeopathic remedies for yourself to see if they are right for
you. I do highly suggest seeing a practitioner so you know you are getting the right remedy. Having the right remedy makes a huge difference because even a slight difference and there will be no supportive action at all.

Have fun! Oh, and this is the book I recommend if you want to actually learn about how to use homeopathic medicines. This is a great place to start.

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