Herb of the Year: Cayenne

I would absolutely love to share with you today all the information I know about cayenne and how amazing this herb is to become the 2016 Herb of the Year. Well today is National Herb Day, May 7th and so I decided to share with you some a few of my favorite things about cayenne. Thai Kitchen Food Spice Herb For Cooking Original Eastern Food S

Fire Cider

Make it, Learn it, Love it


I mostly use cayenne for pain. Ok so how does this work? I’ll simplify the science for you. Cayenne reduces a molecule called Substance P, yup, that’s its name. Substance P is involved in the transmission of nervous pain signals to the brain. So, when there is less Substance P the brain thinks there is less pain. GREAT JOB CAYENNE!

Other Herbs for Painred chilli peppers isolated on white

This increased blood flow can also mean that when you eat cayenne it can help relieve a stuffy nose. It is also labeled as a drying herb to help dry the sinuses. Do you remember the last time you had spicy food and how your nose started to run? The same thing happens with cayenne. The increased blood flow will help move the inflammation in the nasal passages and open them up, sometimes in a way you will need to blow your nose, however. NO MORE STUFFY!

Pause, let’s talk about the plant

Cayenne is from the same family as tomatoes and eggplants. It is the fruit of this plant that we use for medicine and food. The fruit is red in color and it was said to have been used frequently by the Aztecs. It is also often put into chocolate!

e5f453_9ee24b0431cc41afa84eda29dd0eb593Eating cayenne? It can also cause a release of endorphin causing a state of euphoria. A good friend of mine did this for a long period of time with spicy food and it led to him having stomach issues. Don’t revel in the euphoria too much.

Your heart will be happy when you have cayenne, reducing cholesterol levels and improving your circulation. Your digestion will also often improve, reducing gas and bloating.

I could go on forever telling you the wonders of cayenne. But until then how can you use it?

Personally, when I am eating cayenne I like to sprinkle a bit into my hot chocolate. With cayenne, a little goes a long way with taste to still get the warmth. You can have more but still keep quantities small to not have digestive burning. For more medicinal effects 2-4g in capsules is plenty. Tincture or tea you can use much less with 1/2 ml a day or less for tincture or a tsp spread over the day mixed in water. I choose capsules so I don’t cry from the heat that comes so quickly.

Really though, I prefer using it topically. You can make your own infused oil at home to use or try The Dancing Herbalist Warming Salve. It is our top selling product to be sure to check it out and ENJOY NATIONAL HERB DAY 2016!

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  1. Lovely article! Love cayenne and use it a lot in cooking.

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