History of Herbal Medicine, part 5

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There are schools for herbal medicine targeting individuals of all ability all over the United States. I attended the Maryland School of Integrative Health, receiving a Masters of Science degree in Herbal Medicine. MUIH, previously called Tai Sophia, was the first acupuncture school in the US and later offered the first Master of Science degree program for Herbal Medicine in the United States. Other schools now offer a comparable program but if you are looking to achieve a high education from the best professional herbalists the country has to offer this school is not comparable to others. I have also completed various small courses and the first level of the East West School of Herbology which I particularly enjoyed as an introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

logo_learningherbs-300x99When I share learning tools with others about herbs, one of the online resources/schools I like best is Learning Herbs with John Gallager and Rosalee de la Forte. They offer something for all herbalists at all ability levels and I still find myself learning new things on their library ‘Herb Mentor.’ They have also helped 7Song by sponsoring an entire only herbal first aid program and they are the best to introduce kids to herbal medicine. Learning Herbs has published a board game for kids to engage them in learning about herbal medicine and they also have a full year long herbal course for kids called Herb Faries which I love sharing and doing the activities even as an adult.hane-logo-for-web

If you are looking for a more class based
online herbal program I have also enjoyed the Herbal Academy of New England. They have many of the next generation of herbalists writing for them creating a solid footing of emerging herbalists building scientific knowledge around herbs. They have an herbarium for study of specific herbs as well as programs for beginner to advanced herbal studies. I have previously written for their herbarium as well as their advanced study program.

ahg_1989_logoThere are a large number of other herbal schools in the United States. Many popular herbalists have their own schools, some of which I discussed in part 4 of this series. Some of the other popular schools include: the California School of Herbal Studies, the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine, the North East School of Botanical Medicine, and the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism. Other schools, herbalists, and clinical practitioners can be found by visiting the American Herbalist Guild website.

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