Drugs Are Not Enough!

This week I have been enjoying my time at the American College of Sports Medicine conference. One of the first big ideas that really resonated with me this week was how so many individuals are diagnosed with a chronic illness and choose to take the pharmaceuticals prescribed for them. That’s it, nothing more, they don’t want to solve the real problem, just cover it up.

Drugs are not Enough!

These pharmaceuticals for diseases like cardiovascular disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and others only help your body to cope with the underlying problem. None of the pharmaceuticals actually heal your body, make it stronger, more resilient, or able to survive other challenges that come your way.

If that is the case, can you make your body stronger and more resilient?


Yes! While all of our wellness inputs will help support your body becoming stronger, food and movement are the two strongest inputs to improving the resilience of your body. I often have shared how different kinds of foods can be used to encourage different states in your body, like antioxidants for instance. Exercise is its own medicine as well.

48824353There are over 40 diseases that lack of exercise is listed as a contributing factor, including those above, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and more. Most individuals don’t even seek out a doctor until they are showing symptoms that they don’t like. If they had only exercised more they may never have experienced the symptoms in the first place.

When it comes to treating these 40+ diseases, exercise is the ‘holy grail’ of pharmaceuticals. If we could put exercise into a pill that everyone took we would get rid of so many of our modern health concerns. It is inexpensive, cost-effective, has few negative side effects, and could prevent and treat dozens of diseases. What doctor wouldn’t want more of that?!

The problem is, if we all exercised we would put doctors out of business.dr_oz

Most doctors are not experienced enough with exercise prescription to recommend specifically how to add more movement into your life. They will tell you to exercise more because they know they have to. They have no tools to support you with this. This is when you then go to see a Personal Trainer or Exercise Is Medicine professional.

These individuals are trained to guide you through your challenges. While your doctor provides you with prescriptions to manage your disease, exercise professionals support you in strengthening your body and improving your resilience to guide you towards wellness and a state where you no longer require prescriptions. Now, some diseases this is not always possible but with many it is with proper movement and nutrition.

You will never really get your life back from your disease until you go beyond the drugs and start moving and supporting your body with new wellness practices.

Jillian Carnrick is an herbalist, nutritionist, personal trainer, and the owner of The Dancing Herbalist. Visit her website for more information on wellness practices you can use to support your own life. Become empowered to make the change you want to see in your life with the Wellness 101 Workbook and look for additional movement support with The Dancing Herbalist topical herbal products.


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